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Voice Actress, Hisako Kanemoto, Takes A Break To Study Abroad

  Production Baobab announced on May 26, 2018 that one of their voice actress, Hisako Kanemoto, takes a break from this summer to study abroad. ...

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Animegararis Anime Celebrates Inori Minase's Birthday On Twitter

"Minase Inori-san HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 12.2" TV anime Animegataris official twitter account posted a picture to celebrate a voice actress Inori M...

Voice actress Hiromi Tsuru (Bulma from Dragon Ball) has passed away.

Voice actress Hiromi Tsuru has passed away at the age of 57. She is most notable for the role of Bulma from Dragon Ball. Reports indicate that she was ...

Kana Hanazawa on the Top of Fan Poll of Most Popular Voice Actresses

The Charapedia website made a poll to determine the top 20 most popular voice actors among its readers for 2017. There were 10,000 anime fans surveyed...

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