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Kanako Itou Performs Opening Song for Steins;Gate 0 TV Anime

Steins;Gate 0 TV anime opening theme will be performed by Kanako Itou. Series begins this Spring, April 2018. -Staff- Character Designer: Tomoshige I...

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Mitsuboshi Colors TV Anime OP&ED Prevews

TV Anime Mitsuboshi Colors is an upcoming anime for winter, 2018. Previews for the anime's opening and ending theme songs were streamed on Yo...

Re:Zero 2nd Promotional Video Previews Opening Theme "Redo"

The official youtube channel for KADOKAWAanime uploaded a new promotional video for Re:Zero. The first episode of the series will be 1-hour long and i...

Watching One Punch Man Opening Be Like


How Asians listen to Anime Opening Songs

This is basically my reaction when listening One Punch Man Opening Song! twitter : @oga_kuz One Punch Man : Opening Song Reaction This is basically my ...

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