My Hero Academia Makes It To The Top 3 Ratings In Its Toonami Premiere

My Hero Academia proved that heroes have taken over the globe as it makes it into the top ratings in its premiere. On May 5, 2018 (Saturday), My...

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The Legacy of TeniMyu: More courts for Sports Anime Stage Plays

"We don't know what will happen then but it does feel a little warm. That is the tomorrow for you and I." ("Tomorrow for You & I", Musical Tennis...

My Hero Academia Season 3 Reveals Episode Count, Simuldub Schedule, New Trailer and Key Visual!

Our favorite set of heroes-in-training are back for My Hero Academia’s 3rd season on April 7, 2018. The first six episodes of the season will be simu...

Hoshii Tsukishima

Hoshii Tsukishima

Hoshiin is a 21 year old event writer who spends her free time with her hobbies: watching anime, reading manga, and cosplaying. She is an introvert who somewhat magically transforms into an outgoing person once in cosplay.

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