A New Character "Yabatanien-chan" Was Born!


Posted by BUSHIDO SAMURAI - 2018/05/07

The girl in the picture says "Yabatanien".
It is used among Gals in Japan and took 7th place in "Gal Ryuukougo Taishou 2016 (Buzzwords of the Year among Gals 2016) ".

The word is considered a compound made up of Yabai, which means This is bad, Crazy, etc, and Nagatanien, a Japanese food maker.

Souichirou Yamamoto, the author of Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, posted on Twitter some pictures of the girl saying "Yabatanien" in dire situations.

"Seeing a ranking of Gals' buzzwords, I found Yabatanien interesting and played with it."

The pictures caught many artists' eyes and inspired them to draw "Yabatnien-chan" on Twitter.

Yabatanien-chan drawn by Akitaka, the author of Uramikoi Koi Uramikoi which has been serialized in Monthly Gangan Joker.

"I like this series." by Masahiro Anbe, the author of Shinryaku! Ikamusume which was serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyuubu has been serialized in the magazine.

Yabatanien-chan drawn by Shiromanta, the author of Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi Twitter Manga.

"I was a bit later, though." by Rokurou Ohgaki, the author of Shinobino, which has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday.

"Yamamoto-sensei's girl of Yabatanien" by Ukami, the author of Gabriel Dropout, which has been serialized in Comic Dengeki Daioh "g".

"Since it's the last day of GW (Golden Week, consecutive holidays in Japan) and it's really bad, I drew her!" by Natsumi Baba, a voice actress and singer.

Yabatanien-chan drawn by Satsuyo, a Hentai manga artist.

The tweet in the picture says "This person is the culprit. Retweet this.".

Yabatanien-chan drawn by Rurie, an illustrator.

Yabatanien-chan drawn by Fan no Hitori, a Hentai manga artist.

Yabatanien-chan drawn by Ixy, an illustrator.

"Yabatanien, it's hot now." by Taishou Akatsuka, a manga artist.

"#Yabatanien" by Naomichi Io, the illustrator of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru @comic manga which has been serialized in Sunday GX.
The question in the picture is "The food maker that was founded in April, 1954 and is famous for Ochyazuke no Moto and Osuimono, the name is...?".
The 4 choices are "Yamatanien" "Nagataen" "Nagatanien" "Yabatanien".

"#Yabatanien" by Ashibi Fukui, the author of Makoto no Oujia, which was serialized in Gessan.

"Yamamoto-sensei (@udon0531)'s Yabatanien..." by Sofra, an illustrator.

"I'm going to ride on the Yabatanien big wave of Yamamoto-sensei (@udon0531)." by Kishimen Daimyouka, an illustrator.

"The girl of Yabatanien was put with a frying pan in a death game that allows only one survivor left at the end among 100 people." by Reinama, an illustrator.

Did you like Yabatanien-chan?

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