Chihayafuru 3rd Season Confirmed For 2019 Release

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Posted by Kazuma kun - 2018/02/25

A voice actor stage presentation at the "Chihayafuru in Awara Week" event on Sunday announced that Yuki Suetsugu's Chihayafuru manga is getting a third television anime season. The anime will premiere in 2019 on NTV's late-night AnichU programming block and on other channels.

The three main cast members will return for the third season:

Asami Seto as Chihaya Ayase
Mamoru Miyano as Taichi Mashima
Yoshimasa Hosoya as Arata Wataya

Synopsis via Sentai Filmworks: "Chihaya Ayase is a beautiful and headstrong young woman with a passion for karuta, a card game inspired by classical Japanese poetry. As a child, Chihaya was introduced to the game by a quiet, gifted transfer student named Arata, and she was instantly drawn to it. Now in high school and reunited with her childhood friend Taichi, Chihaya dreams of finding Arata and the three resuming their love of karuta, only to discover that Arata has quit the game due to personal reasons. Determined not to let Arata's passion go to waste, Chihaya and Taichi form the Mizusawa High School Karuta Club, where they learn that in karuta - as in life - working toward your dreams is the key to winning, even when what you want seems just out of reach."

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