"Sket Dance" Manga Author Draws "Kanata no Astra" Characters For His Staff As Thanks

Astra lost in spaceKanata no Astramanga

Posted by BUSHIDO SAMURAI - 2017/12/06

Kenta Shinohara posted photos of his illustration which he drew for his staff to express his thanks on Twitter.
According to his tweet, December 5th was his staff's last work day.

He said that he set a personal target to persist in the manga's illustration.  In addition to it, he supposes that the manga's genre, Science Fiction, made his staff have a hard time working on the complicated scenes. Even in the situation, they tried hard to meet his detailed demands. He expresses his gratitude to them for their sincere support over 2 years.

Kanata no Astra Astra Lost In Space manga written and illustrated by Kenta Shinohara will end in the 49th episode released on December 30th, 2017.
It was announced in the manga's 47th episode released on December 2nd, 2017.
Kenta Shinohara is known for his previous work, SKET DANCE.

Via - Official Twitter Account:
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