"Dagashi Kashi" Manga Author Draws Characters Taking A Selfie

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Posted by BUSHIDO SAMURAI - 2017/12/19

Kotoyama, Dagashi Kashi manga's author, posted some pictures on Twitter that characters from the manga taking a selfie.

Saya Endo, the protagonist Kokonotsu Shikada's childhood friend.

Hotaru Shidrae, the daughter of a large snack company, Shidare Company's president.

Hajime Owari, a job hunter

An advertisement for the 9th volume's release.

Dagashi Kashi written and illustrated by Kotoyama is a snack comedy manga.
The manga has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Sunday.
The 9th volume was released on December 18th, 2017.
It inspired TV anime which was aired from January to March, 2016 with 12th episodes.
The 2nd season will begin in January, 2018.

Via - Official Twitter Account:
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