You Will Be Able To Marry VR Waifus


Posted by Kezja-san - 2017/04/14

On Japanese gaming market there are lots of romance games and dating simulators. There is also a lot of eroge with graphic sexual content and to top it off we have strange games like "Hatoful Boyfriend" with birds as characters. But we are going one step further as the creators of  "Niitzuma LovelyxCation" are providing us with something new!

"Niitzuma" speeds up dating sequences so you will be able to spend a lot of time on a blissful married life which also includes an actual marriage ceremony!
Developer Hibiki Works announced that they will be holding a virtual reality marriage ceremony at a Tokyo chapel so you will be able to "marry" your girl of choice! Also, tuxedos will be provided upon arrival.

Hibiki Works has yet to disclose the actual location. but first mass ceremony will be help on June 30, 2017.
On this ceremony, "groom" will have to change into a tuxedo, slip on a VR headset, and exchange vows with his bride of choice. "Niitzuma's" cast includes:

         Aiko Kurihara

         Yuki Isurugi

         Nono Naruse

Hibiki Works seems to be very confident that they will find enough husbands applicants to participate in the ceremony.

Future is here!
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