Kana Hanazawa on the Top of Fan Poll of Most Popular Voice Actresses

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Posted by Kezja-san - 2017/04/04

The Charapedia website made a poll to determine the top 20 most popular voice actors among its readers for 2017. There were 10,000 anime fans surveyed from which 47,6% were male and 52,4% were female. People in their 10s and 20s made up 64,8% of respondents, and 35,2% were in their 30s or older. Results were shared on Thursday on their website.

Kana Hanazawa was first in the poll since 2014, and once again she came out on top. She was topping many fan polls such as those that ranked the most attractive and most in-demand voice actress.

Here are the poll's results for voice actresses:

1.Kana Hanazawa (721 votes) - Psycho-pass' Akane Tsunemori, To Love-Ru's Mikan Yūki

2.Inori Minase (644 votes) - Re:Zero's Rem,  Danmachi's Hestia

3.Saori Hayami (563 votes) - Higashi no Eden's Morimi Saki, Koe no Katachi's Nishimiya Shouko

4.Miyuki Sawashiro (544 votes) - Canaan's Canaan, Durarara's Celty

5.Ai Kayano (433 votes)  - Anohana's Honma Meiko, Guilty Crown's Yuzuriha Inori

6.Aoi Yūki (395 votes)  - Madoka's Kaname Madoka, Nanatsu no Taizai's Diane

7.Ayane Sakura (384 votes) - My Hero Academia's Uraraka Ochako, Charlotte's Tomori Nao

8.Sora Amamiya (297 votes) - Akame ga Kill's Akame, Konosuba's Aqua

9.Rie Kugimiya (286 votes) - Fairy Tail's Happy,  FMA Brotherhood's Elric Alphonse

10.Haruka Tomatsu (244 votes) - Anohana's Anjou Naruko, Motto To Love-Ru's Lala

11.Yoshino Nanjō (219 votes) - Clockwork Planet's Miura Naoto, Love Live's Ayase Eri

12.Rie Takahashi (215 votes) - Konosuba's Megumin, Fate/Grand Order: First Order's Mash

13.Maaya Uchida (166 votes) - Noragami's Iki Hiyori, Rail War's Koumi Haruka

14.Nao Tōyama (151 votes) - Bakuon's Suzonoki Rin, Kancolle's Kongou

15.Nana Mizuki (145 votes) - Boruto's Hyouga Hinata, Kuoshitsuji's Trancy Alois

16.Megumi Hayashibara (137 votes) - Cowboy Bebop's Valentines Faye, Hello Kitty's White Kitty

17.Yui Ogura (128 votes) - .hack's Hermit, Hinako Note's Hiiragi Mayuki

18.Suzuko Mimori (121 votes) - Btoom's Himiko, Love Live's Sonoda Umi

19.Risa Taneda (tied at #20 with 120 votes) - Gate's Mercury Rory, Gokukoku's Kuroha Neko

20.Yui Horie (tied at #20 with 120 votes) - Bakemonogatari's Hanekawa Tsubasa, Black Bullet's Tendou Kisara

Charapedia will announce the poll's results for male voice actors on April 6.
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