Small "Detective Conan" Merch in on it's way to us!

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Posted by Kezja-san - 2017/01/15

If you are a fan of "Detective Conan" / "Case Closed" then get ready to deck out your phone! Bushiroad Creative has just released photos of merchandise with your favorite characters from the series. It will be "mini character merchandise" and it's set to come out in line with "The Crimson Love Letter" this April.

The first set contains nine different phone straps that have the looks of round capsules. The collection is called "Chararium Strap Collection". They'll be sold in individual blind boxes 550 yen (4.8$) each.

The "Rubber Strap Duos"  feature all-new chibi art of character pairs from the series. There also will be eight of them to collect.

And last but not least, the "Capsule Rubber Q" which consists of six mini figures with suction cups on the back. These will cost 300 yen (2,6$) each and will be sold in individual blind bags.

Bushiroad will release the new merchandise this April.

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