Tsuneki Will Be The First Heroine For "Seiren" Anime!

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Posted by Kezja-san - 2016/12/30

The creators of great romance anime called "Amagami SS" blessed us with actual PV of the first arc of their new anime "Seiren". Lately hype for this anime series was real so the Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ decided to let us see some preview of what we are wating for:

Tsuneki Hikari, voiced by Ayane Sakura (La Pucelle in Magical Girl Raising Project), will be main heroine in the first arc. Our protagonist, Shiochi, encounters many heroines as he freet about his own future during his sophomore year of school and Tsuneki will be the very first one. The anime will be devided to three 4 episodes arcs in which Shiochi will meet different girls.

In the PV there is also an information that a character single will be released on January and that it will feature series ending theme "Shunkan Happening" plus extra song "Akane-iro ni Kakushite". Both are preformed by Ayane Sakura.

Also, "Serien" has it's premiere a week from today so stay tuned for this new romance series!
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