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Viz Media confirms One Punch Man Dub at Anime Boston 2016

No cast list is available yet.

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  1. Anonymous05:46:00

    When will Viz Media announce the cast already!? I'm getting really tired of waiting, I want to know who will be voicing who NOW! I also want to see a dub trailer or Toonami promo just so I can hear their voices in English. I don't anymore to see a dub version, it needs to come out ASAP! The sooner the better.

  2. Anonymous15:44:00

    Just announce the dub cast already! How much longer do I have to wait!? I want to know who'll be in the dub NOW! Please just reveal the cast already, I'm tired of waiting!

  3. Anonymous04:33:00

    Okay, I'm getting pissed that there still isn't an English dub yet! WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING THEM SO LONG, JUST DUB IT NOW AND UPLOAD IT TO THE INTERNET ALREADY!!!! I WANT TO SEE THE DUB NOW!!!!


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